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von Holleben Jan: Kosmos, 2018

von Holleben Jan
Göttingen (Deutschland): Little Steidl, 2018
() 44x30,5 cm, 10 Teile.
Techn. Angaben Mappe aus Graupappe, 2 Laschen vernäht, eingelegt Druckmuster der geplanten Veröffentlichung, Buchdaten auf Karton, 2 Seiten Informationstext zur Edition, Infoblatt zum Verlag und Zettel mit handschriftlichem Gruß der Verlegerin, alles in Pergaminhülle
ZusatzInformation Infomappe zur mehrteiligen Publikation, mit Original-Druckseiten.
Jan von Holleben has constructed a kosmos of six planets with little more than a box of props, a team of willing humans, some clippings from the garden, and his camera. Click, click, click and strange things happen, right before the camera, with no digital manipulation: Ghosts flash through the Berlin cityscape. Plants cast shadows on the sky. Many places gather in the same place at once. The monsters imitate the flowers (or is it the other way around?). Each planet is an optical riddle. The only clues are visual. No answers are provided. This is a book for intrepid discoverers.
Note: the inventor of these planets avoids all references to god and to the cosmos. His kosmos is spelled with a K and is something quite different.
Six variably-sized softcover books housed in a printed and folded portfolio box.
Namen Nina Holland (Verlegerin)
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Geschenk von Nina Holland
Stichwort Blume / Fotografie / Kosmos / Manipulation / Pflanze
025527076 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Strauss Joulia, Hrsg.: Krytyka Polityczna Athens, 2017

Strauss Joulia, Hrsg.
Krytyka Polityczna Athens
Athen (Griechenland): futura Publications, 2017
(Buch) 272 S., 23,5x16,5 cm, signiert, ISBN/ISSN 1644-0919
Techn. Angaben Broschur, mit Widmung, gefaltetes Blatt eingelegt, Cover manuel bearbeitet, mit Glitzer
ZusatzInformation Dear Reader,
In your hands is the Athenian issue of Krytyka Polityzcna. The Warsaw-based journal unites polymorphous freedom struggles in geographic Europe. This book is an anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist artwork. A hypothesis, and yet one that continues to be written actively on the ground. It clashes migration and education of the status quo, the effect and the cause of current violence.
The publication documents an initiative, Universitas*, and accompanies the forthcoming Symposion, The School of Everything.
This book contains the contributions of people who have recently moved to Athens from the Middle East, of Athenians who have lived here a long time, as well as of those who are based in Berlin but frequently visit Athens. brought together, they form a de-elitized and de-colonized remix of knowledge.
The chapters in this book are intertwined and in each part the reader will find contributions relevant to the whole. The authors are all united by their portrayal in anti-phrenological drawings.
In Athens, despite the invention of the State, streams of interlapping cultural influences never stopped pulsating. Such an experience of fluid identity de­monstrates that citizenship is an outdated concept of class separation and nationalism. The devastating contradiction: human rights are only valid in the economically privileged zones. The failure to collaborate with the revolution in Syria dispels the last illusions of an occidental civilization and unveils the truth: we all live in the absolute financial dictatorship.
This publication includes several essays and statements on education. These are written by thinkers, philosophers, “activists”, and artists who are affili­ated with the Avtonomi Akadimia, a disobedient grassroots university in Athens which claims education as a form of art. These texts, poems, mani­festos and sketches of educational models are published in lieu of the abs­tracts for an upcoming Symposion entitled: “The School of Everything”.
We build an educational system which consists of indignant initiatives for sharing knowledge, and of proposals by thinkers who see education as key. We shift from learning to sharing. We decriminalize sharing because we would like to enjoy the pleasure of giving. We liberate ourselves from the strictures of “Homo Sapiens”, a construct imposed upon life.
We will transform the educational system of Europe.
The clash of migration and education will release a Promethean fire.
Text von der Webseite
In collaboration with aneducation and the Public Programs of documenta 14
Namen Abed Nasralla / Agnès Rammant-Peeters / Ahmad Alkhatieb / Ariam Um al Wafa / Arnisa Zeqo / Brandon LaBelle / Click Ngwere / Elad Lapidot / Georgia Kotretsos / Ismail Alsafo / Jean-Pierre Rammant / Jenny Marketou / Joulia Strauss / Junaid Baloch / Katja Ehrhardt / Leopold Helbich / Lindsay Parkhowell / Liwaa Yazji / Luca Di Blasi / Manaf Halbouni / Mathilde ter Heijne / Mehul Sangham / Mohammad Abu Hajar / Mriganka Madhukaillya / Noah Fischer / Paul B. Preciado / Pirate Cinema / Rachel Clarke / Sameer Ahmed / Sotirios Bahtsetzis / Suhel Ahmad / Tanja Schomaker / Vasyl Cherepanyn
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Anarchist / Antifaschismus / Antikapitalismus / Athen / Bildung / documenta 14 / Gedicht / Gesellschaft / Kritik / Manifest / Politik / Text
024389676 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Sackett Colin, Hrsg.: Uniformagazine No. 07, 2016

Sackett Colin, Hrsg.
Uniformagazine No. 07
Devon (Großbritannien): Uniformbooks, 2016
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 32 S., 21,5x14,5 cm, Auflage: 500, ISBN/ISSN 2056-6301
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Uniformbooks is an imprint for the visual and literary arts, cultural geography and history, music and bibliographic studies. The uniformity of the format and the expansive variety of the list and its subjects, is characteristic of our open approach to publishing. The printed quarterly Uniformagazine gathers contributions by the writers and artists that we work with, sometimes thematically, as well as slighter or singular content—click on animation for further details.
Text von der Website
Mit: "Vovite Leaves"-David Matless, "The Reader's Digest Family Encyclopedia of World History"-Kasper Pincis, "tap-root"-Simon Cutts, "A glance to the past"-Martha Hellion, "Condensations"-Nathan Walker, "Trago Mills, Newton Abbot"-Phil Smith, u.a
Namen David Matless / Kasper Pincis / Martha Hellion / Nathan Walker / Phil Smith / Simon Cutts
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Fotografie / Literatur / Zeichnung
016956623 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

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